The S2T600 measures and records temperature.

S2T600 has been designed to be easy to use and of optimum use even in harsh environments, down to 600m.

Easy to use

  • Light and compact.
  • Reading and configuration possible underwater.
  • Wireless data transmission thanks to a communication interface (data pencil) linked to the serial / USB port of the computer.
  • Programming and data collection with a computer thanks to the Winmemo software.






THP measures temperature with very high accuracy down to 6000m depth. 

THP can be read and set-up at 6000m thanks to a Data Pencil operated from a submersible, a ROV or an AUV. 

S2T6000 DH-TI / D

S2T6000 measures and records temperature. 

S2T6000 is designed to be used in harsh environments, down to 6000m and at 450°C. 

Easy to use: 

  • Remote sensor
  • Light and compact
  • Reading and set-up when imerged thanks to a Data Pencil on a submarine, a ROV or an AUV
  • Wireless transmission (inductive), thanks to the Data Pencil 
  • Set-up and data collection on a computer thanks to the Winmemo software



S2T6000 DH-TI _ D





CTH provides in situ deep sea heat flows thanks to the measure of the thermal conductivity and of the geothermal gradient. The heat flow is calculated as a factor of the last two. 

Thermal conductivity is measured by a probe using the "heating needle" method. 

CTH records the raw measures made on 4 temperature sensors and on 2 references as well as the power provided to the heating needle. 

  • Temperature calculation (accuracy +/- 7m°C).
  • Easy configuration of the CTH and reading of the data via a data pencil and a PC (Winmemo software) .