Helideck Monitoring

SMChms - Helideck Monitoring System

Helideck Monitoring System, is a PC based helicopter take off and landing system. SMChms interfaces Motion Sensor, weather instruments, GPS and Gyro Compass to provide real time monitoring of helideck motions and weather conditions. The SMChms can easily integrate existing weather instruments from almost any manufacturer to the system. It is developed to provide full information concerning the offshore helideck movements, weather data and vessel position to the bridge as well as to Heliports and land based operators. Operators are able to remotely connect to the onboard system over the TCP/IP (LAN/Internet), to improve safety and flight planning. The SMChms is accessible both as a stand alone system and as a web client software.
SMChms meets all prevailing recommendations and guidelines in the UK CAA CAP437 and the Norwegian CAA BSL D 5-1. All data is processed in the integrated software and are displayed in an easy-to-read graphical interface. All captured data is stored in a log file enabling it to be replayed, analyzed and monitored at any time from any location.