The SMC IMU uses solid state gyros and accelerometers to provide real time motion measurements with high dynamic accuracy even during accelerations. State of the art design, construction and assembly produce an IMU with an extremely high reliability in the most demanding marine environment.
Every SMC motion sensor is individually calibrated and tested for roll, pitch & heave as well as all directions of acceleration, inside a calibration machine with a controlled temperature environment between 0 and +65 degrees Celsius.

Key Specifications:

  • Roll & Pitch 0.03° (RMS) Dynamic Accuracy @ ±5° amplitude
  • Heave 5 cm or 5 %
  • Accelerations / Velocities
  • Various Industry Protocols NMEA
  • 2 years warranty

Complete Package

The SMC IMU is supplied with a data distribution unit, cables and windows based software for ease of set up and configuration. The setup software enables the user to configure the IMU parameters and makes the installation.
The SMC IMU is available with IP66 rating as default and with depth rating as an option.
IMU data sheet revision 66 Roll + Yaw + Pitch + Surge + - Sway + - Heave -+ X Y Z.

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