Side Scan Sonar

Falmouth Scientific Inc. Side Scan Sonar System

Dual Simultaneous 100/400 KHz Frequency Operation

Industry Standard Ethernet Interface for Data, Control, and Processing

DSL Over Coax Tow Vehicle Data Interface

Compatible with Industry Standard Survey Software

CHIRP and CW modes

Stainless Steel Tow Fish

Heading, Pitch, & Roll Sensors (Depth Optional)

Two Serial Input Ports to Enable integration of a Magnetometer or other external sensors





Falmouth Scientific Inc. Sub-bottom Profiling System with Combined CHIRP/CW Side Scan Sonar

The HMS-625 Multi-Sonar Tow System is designed for applications that require high resolution side scan and sub-bottom imagery in depths of up to 3,000m. This combined side scan and sub-bottom survey tool offers a fully digital platform capable of collecting high resolution CHIRP or CW side scan with sub-bottom data, as well as a range of customer selected sensor data. The long range, high resolution side scan and sub-bottom CHIRP data along with the ancillary sensor capability provide the surveyor with a cost effective solution over multiple system and sensor surveys resulting in savings in both instrument cost and survey time.


  • CHIRP/CW side scan sonar, operating at 100/400 KHz simultaneously, allows 1,200 meter or greater swath, with resolution equivalent to much higher frequency systems at longer ranges.
  • CHIRP/CW based sub-bottom profiler, operating in the 1 to 10 KHz region, allows for extended sediment penetration with greatly improved resolution over conventional CW systems.
  • Range, Gain, TVG, Pulse Width, and other programmable parameters are under user friendly software GUI control.
  • Integrated CHIRPceiver True 24-bit data acquisition.