Scientific Echosounder

BioSonics DT-X Portable Echosounder

The BioSonics DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder is the industry standard used by hundreds of researchers and resource managers worldwide. The DT-X is suitable for a wide range of fisheries and oceanographic assessment applications including fish stock assessment, bathymetric surveying, substrate classification, and submersed aquatic vegetation mapping. The portable and rugged design makes it suitable for deployment from most any vessel working in any aquatic environment, from remote mountain lakes to arctic research vessels.

Some of the unique features of the DT-X include:

  • Multi-channel, multi-frequency capabilities (with no additional components required)
  • Digital transducers for improved signal-to-noise ratio and overall superior data quality
  • Extremely low side lobe transducers (~ -30dB)




BioSonics DT-X SUB Autonomous Submersible Echosounder

The BioSonics DT-X SUB Echosounder System is a completely self-contained echosounder solution for autonomous deployments where cabling to the surface may be cost-prohibitive or impractical. DT-X scientific echosounder technology is packaged in a pressure rated housing that is adaptable for deployment via AUV, ROV, or seafloor observatory platform.

The DT-X SUB is programmed at the surface for the desired sampling interval and ping rate. The DT-X SUB has programmable duty cycling for extended battery life, is ideal for long term studies, and will operate any of BioSonics standard transducers.

BioSonics MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

The BioSonics MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder is a one-of-a-kind system for identifying and assessing aquatic habitat features. The MX is a complete hardware/software solution, packaged with unique processing and data visualization software, Visual Habitat MX, for classifying seafloor substrate and mapping submerged vegetation.

With integrated DGPS, scientific transducer, and a rugged weatherproof housing, the MX echosounder system provides a turn-key solution for rapid assessment of submersed plants and substrate classification. This easy-to-use system allows for quick identification of rock, sand, and mud while also assessing plant canopy height and percent coverage. Even novice users will quickly learn to collect and process data and create powerful imagery to visualize results using Visual Habitat Software mapping tools.





BioSonics FX Scientific Fisheries Echosounder

The FX Scientific Fisheries Echosounder is optimized for large vessel installations, featuring rugged hull-mounted urethane transducers and rack mounted electronics.

Applications include:

  •  Mobile surveys to assess fish and marine life
  •  Determine fish population and total biomass
  •  Species discrimination with multi-frequency differencing
  •  Assess and map submerged aquatic vegetation
  •  Seafloor substrate classification
  •  Bathymetric mapping