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Dimension® is a revolutionary new sonar for ROV and AUV operations. Based on patented Echoscope® technology and industry-leading software, Dimension® provides unparalleled real-time visualisation for subsea vehicle applications. Designed for a wide range of ROVs, Dimension® is a unique, true real-time 3D sonar that transforms ROV underwater operations. 

For ease of integration the Dimension® sonar is also supplied with the CodaOctopus®Vehicle Integration Module (VIM). The VIM is vehicle mounted and connects directly to the Dimension® sonar providing interfaces to the ROV power, data and control sub-systems.

Using the Vantage software suite and advanced beamforming techniques, the Dimension® sonar provides the ROV pilot with a unique quad-view for safe navigation and obstacle avoidance purposes. The Vantage quad-view features a conventional plan-view, commonly provided by scanning sonars, along with three additional and separate real-time perspectives of the subsea environment.

Dimension® real-time 3D sonar with Vantage software is a leading-edge combination that will keep ROVs operating even in the most demanding of subsea conditions. 

The Dimension® can be supplied in OEM form for integration with subsea vehicles to perform unique 3D inspections and obstacle avoidance. Coda Octopus can supply technical integration packs and consultancy to allow clients to seamlessly integrate the Dimension® with their vehicles.









Underwater Inspection System (UIS™)

The UIS™ (Underwater Inspection System) is the world's first fully integrated 3D sonar system for specialised underwater applications such as maritime security, port and harbour maintenance, search and recovery and intruder visualisation and classification. The system can also be used to rapidly assess storm damage, locate sunken debris and provide baseline maps of critical infrastructure.

Using Echoscope 3D sonar technology to deliver precise, intuitive and instantaneous three-dimensional images, the UIS is the only system which is suitable for multiple applications, producing detailed GPS referenced underwater scans in real-time. Even the least experienced operator can undertake rapid inspections of harbour walls, bulkheads, piers, bridges, pilings and ship hulls. The system can also be utilised to inspect and clear shipping channels and to image and classify divers and underwater vehicles.

Alongside the Echoscope sonar, the UIS delivers co-referenced above waterline imagery via a ruggedized waterproof digital video camera for both day and night operation. Immediate GPS data referencing is provided by a pre-calibrated F180 series system, which simultaneously outputs heading and motion data. Each subsystem sensor is connected through a DIU 212, which acts as the hub for fast and rapid deployment, to a mission control laptop running dedicated and intuitive USE PRO topside software. 

Complete with a rugged and easily deployed vessel pole mount, the UIS is being used by law enforcement agencies, Military organisations and port security operatives as a means to have fast access to high definition subsea data for decision making purposes. 

3D Integrated Pan and Tilt Unit

Our IPT units operate as an integrated solution within the CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer software application. The software integration of the pan and tilt unit with the with real-time 3D sonar eliminates the need for multiple patch testing during mapping and inspection tasks. All angular and positional offsets are dynamically calculated within the software for simple and accurate operation.

Capable of station holding the 3D sonar systems in hydro-dynamic environments, the units deliver a maximum of 94 Nm torque. Enclosed in rugged stainless steel housings, the units are designed for operation to depths of 30m, 500m and 3000m. Units are also available in aluminium and titanium.

Incorporating high-torque motors, low-backlash gear boxes, and high-precision encoders as standard, the units meet the demanding operational requirements of marine applications.

A single axis unit is also available.

pan and tilt





3D Productivity Station (3DPS)

The 3D Productivity Station, or 3DPS, is a plug-and play, top-end PC solution for use with the Echoscope 3D sonar and USE topside software combination. The 3DPS is a custom-designed 19” rack-mountable PC, with integrated power supplies for both the Echoscope® and the F180® Series of systems. It has very high specifications for both the processor and graphics card, which is important for integrating Echoscope® data with ancillary sensors, and for rendering data on-screen.

By incorporating the power supplies for both the Echoscope sonar and F180 series of GPS aided attitude and positioning systems, the 3DPS provides a single connection point for these sensors, thus reducing subsystem power supplies and unnecessary cable runs.

Whilst the 3DPS has been custom designed for use with the Echoscope and F180 series, alternative GPS or motion reference systems can be connected to the 3DPS via a number of separate USB, Ethernet or RS232 connection points.

Supplied with pre-installed USE and MOTION software and configured for use with the Echoscope and F180 series, the 3DPS is a robust and reliable on-line and post-processing 19” rack-mountable system.


The DIU 212 is a Data Integration Unit commonly used with the UIS (Underwater Inspection System). It forms the hub of the UIS where all sub-systems and sensors are connected to. Additionally the DIU 212 is the power source for each of the sub-systems that makes up the UIS solution for port and harbour security work.

The compact and highly portable DIU 212 has unique and clearly marked connectors for each sensor that integrated to this central device. With this important design feature it facilitates fast and easy mobilisation of the complete UIS as connection points cannot be mixed-up during a time-critical operation.

The DIU 212 allows for rapid integration of the following sub-components that together form the complete UIS package:

  • Echoscope sonar head
  • Day/Night above waterline camera
  • F180 series pre-calibrated position and attitude sensor
  • Mission control laptop running the USE topside software

Designed, manufactured and supplied by CodaOctopus, the DIU 212 is at the heart of both the UIS and port security operations.




coda DIU 212_0




smart switch1

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is an ideal solution for marine construction tasks where the 3D sonar is being repeatedly submersed and removed from the water. The Smart Switch allows the operator to confidently continue operations, safe in the knowledge that the risk of inadvertent sonar damage has been minimized.

The Smart Switch has a sensor which detects when the system is not submerged and will turn off acoustic transmission, reducing power consumption to a minimum. In this state, the 3D sonar does not transmit and so avoids damage to the transmitter which can result from prolonged operation out of water. Additionally, the sonar generates minimal heat and so can remain in air for much longer periods without triggering the thermal cut-off switch.

Once the Smart Switch detects that it has re-entered the water, it restores the 3D sonar to its previous state and starts acquiring data immediately.

The Smart Switch is encapsulated in a short cable length, designed to fit inline between the existing sonar cable and the sonar itself, allowing flexible positioning of the water sensor for shallow submersions.

The Smart Switch works with any model of CodaOctopus 3D sonar* and is quick and simple to install.

*A firmware upgrade of the Echoscope sonar may be required

Ruggedized Protection Cage

The 3D Ruggedized Protection Cage provides a rugged enclosure for the protection of Echoscope and Dimension sonars in exposed and harsh environments.

The ruggedized cage facilitates simple and quick mounting of the Echoscope or Dimension sonar head with fixing points to enable attachment onto the deployment platform.

Using an acoustically transparent shield, the cage provides robust protection from direct frontal impact to the sonar where the transmit and receive transducers are located.

The cage incorporates four shock isolation mounting points for the sonar head which deliver protection from shock and high frequency vibration and ensure continued operation in demanding environments.

The cage is suited to range of deployment scenarios including ROV deployment where front impact is a common risk and on crane and excavator deployment where the head is subjected to a high degree of shock and vibration in and out of the water.


Protection Cage1





Time Lock Power Supply

The Time Lock Power Supply keeps your CodaOctopus Echoscope sonar accurately synchronized to an external time source.

With a synchronization accuracy of 1 millisecond, your Echoscope system will be synchronized with your time source for the duration of the survey.

The accuracy of your 3D mosaicked data can be greatly improved by applying a post-processed navigation file using the Corrected Navigation feature in CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer.

The Time Lock Power Supply requires only a standard NMEA ZDA string over RS-232 and a 1PPS (pulse per second) signal as inputs. Easy-to-read LEDs on the power supply housing display the status of both inputs and the synchronization status.

Available on new power supplies, the time lock feature is a valuable addition to your Echoscope real-time 3D data acquisition capability.

This functionality is also available in the 3D Productivity Station (3DPS), Vehicle Integration Module (VIM) and as an OEM hardware package. This functionality is fully compatible with the CodaOctopus F180 Series and F175 products.