FSI Tide System

High-Accuracy Self-Contained Tide Monitoring System

The Falmouth Scientific, Inc. Tide Monitoring System is a complete tide monitoring system for moorings and other long-duration fixed-site deployments. The pressure module is a precision strain-gauge pressure sensor for measuring water level; barometric pressure compensation is provided by a sensor mounted in the system’s surface enclosure, which also incorporates rechargeable battery and system communications. A 20-meter cable connects the underwater and surface enclosure. Non- corroding materials are used to ensure long sensor life with minimal maintenance. An optional solar charger allows for long-term, unattended operation.

Data is recorded in the system’s 256MB internal memory and can be output locally in real-time via RS-232 (optional RS-485) or reported remotely via RF (radio, cell) or satellite telemetry.

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1-Dimensional Wave and Tide Meter

High-Speed, High-Resolution Wave Height and Tide Measurement

Enhanced Design, Specifications, Performance

The FSI WAVE-TIDE-PLUS is an economical wave and tide monitor, combining a highly stable pressure sensor and state-of-the-art electronics to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and stability.
Sampling rate is selectable (1 to 5 Hz), which enables the user to acquire accurate point-spectra of waves. Pressure sensor output can also be integrated to obtain water level measurements unaffected by wave action. With 2 GB of on board flash data memory, the WAVE- TIDE-PLUS can retain the large amounts of data required for highly detailed wave characterization.

The WAVE-TIDE-PLUS is available with an optional Barometric Sensor. This option comes complete with surface housing, reinforced 30 meter cable (or user-specified length) and NEMA weather-proof enclosure with standard marine-grade connectors. The NEMA enclosure houses the barometric sensor with space
for two 6V lantern or 7.5 AHr gel cell batteries. Other options include a solar panel charger and radio data telemetry sub-systems.