Chirp III

Chirp III Sub Bottom Profiler

Teledyne Marine is a pioneer in Chirp technology and was the first to bring a commercial Chirp sub-bottom profiling system to the market. Teledyne Odom continues that advancement with the Chirp III sub-bottom profiling system.

Portable and affordable, the Chirp III is a low cost system ideally suited for many applications. Its versatile system configuration provides the user with various styles of tow vehicles and hull mounted arrays.


  • 16 Bit resolution.
  • Up to 15 Hz sounding rate.
  • 200m maximum operating depth.


  •  Offshore hazard surveys.
  •  Pipeline and small object surveys.
  •  Bridge piling scour and environmental surveys.
  •  Mining and dredging.
  •  Wind farm site survey.